Institute of Research and Development

at the Police Academy in Szczytno



Mjr. Dr. Ewa Kuczyńska

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tel. +48 47 733 56 30


Institute of Research and Development at the Police Academy in Szczytno became operational on the 9th of May 2012.

 The main tasks of the Institute include:

  1. The identification and acquisition of external financial endowments, both domestic and foreign for the implementation of research and development activities;
  2. Initiating and coordinating participation of the Academy and its staff members in international programs / research projects and other projects aimed at the development of the Academy;
  3. To promote the scientific development of the Academy staff members by searching for programmes, initiatives for the development of young and experienced researchers;
  4. Initiating cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes and units in order to implement joint ventures, scientific initiatives and research;
  5. Coordination of activities related to financing of the projects resulting from the statutory activity of the Academy in the field of research, maintenance of the scientific potential of the Academy and research supporting activity;
  6. Obtaining financial means for research and scientific equipment as well as IT tools for the implementation of research and development;
  7. Maintaining regular contacts with the intermediate bodies and managers as well as other external subjects responsible for the implementation of the competitions;
  8. The search for new sources of research funding and the various Academy projects;
  9. The search for pathways in terms of commercialization and implementation of the results of research and development activities;
  10. Support in distribution of the research results to the managers of the research projects and the contractors;
  11. Maintainance of the Institute web site (tasks, structure of the Institute including the current update information about ongoing researches, projects, information about competitions, existing legal acts concerning research, competition procedures, etc.), including generation of on-line applications, etc.;
  12. Support in development of new directions of scientific research at the Academy;
  13. Information on the implementation of the researches and the possibility of their funding as well as the various Academy activities, including accepting application requests;
  14. Report on the research activities of the Academy and the use of aid measures;
  15. Teaching
  16. Preparation of the legal acts projects concerning the implementation of the scientific research and acquisition of aid funds at the Police Academy, opinions on legal acts concerning the above range;
  17. Participation in the development of strategies for the Police Academy and its Faculties - in particular in the part concerning the scientific development as well as the conducted scientific researches and development;
  18. The membership, representation of the Academy in the framework of professional networks, research platforms, organizations and bodies to promote the development of scientific research and aid funds rising by the Academy;
  19. Information about the possibilities and requirements as well as the coordination of information transfer about experts to the expert databases led by e.g. NCBiR, NCN, the EU and other external subjects;
  20. Conducting scientific research and development works.